Beyond Shelter Anatolian Indigenous Buildings

Beyond Shelter Anatolian Indigenous Buildings

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224 Sayfa Birinci Baskı 2000 Tepe Architectural Culture Centre Fotoğraflar : Ali Tan Aran, Kemal Aran ( Önsöz ) Among the existing authentic indigenous buildings and settlements on Earth we may also note those constructed by the settlers in Anatolia. These buildings and settlements, shaped away from the stylistic domination of urban dwellers and processes of change that effect them, bear witness to the unique interaction of reason with experience that indigenous people have accumulated by observing natural events throughout the years. These buildings and settlements built of stone, earth, and wood are located in sensitively chosen niches in nature, offering fresh air, abundant sources of fresh qater, fertile soil, and materials for construction. … ( Arka Kapak ) Beyond Shelter presents visual records of various houses and settlements in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Central, Eastern, and Black Sea regions of Anatolia. It explains the languages of the building patterns found, and also displays the ingenuity of the indigenous builders. While focusing on the relationships between climate, locality, materials and skills, Kemal Aran shows the reader the differentiation of Anatolia’s characteristic patterns. Dramatic expressions in the unity of details, textures, materials and colors also produce building variations that stern frorn the builders’ initiative. The buildings depicted are unique examples that satisfy both the physical needs and the intellectual motives of people. As shown in Beyond Shelter, languages of building patterns establish communal identity including individual variety. Kemal Aran is an archilect who has studied under Louis I. Kahn at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He has taught architectural education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen and at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

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